How Day By Day’s asset registry app is changing asset management in 2021

For years, most businesses have been getting by with simple asset registry systems or processes. Perhaps you’ve been logging assets in an excel file or keeping a physical asset register, filing any asset receipts in a folder?

Given the huge shifts towards doing more living and business in the digital world, spreadsheets and filing cabinets are fast going the way of the cassette tape, fax machine and cheque book. Sure, they may still ‘work’ but when there’s a major digital advancement, why wouldn’t you move on?

Asset registers aren’t the only thing that’ve changed. How we buy assets has also shifted, particularly during 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Cash is no longer king and face-to-face purchases with physical receipts are becoming the exception, not the norm. We’re using debit, credit, and even bitcoin, to purchase and it’s time there was an asset management solution that can keep up.

Day By Day has come up with highly advanced asset management software that takes the concept of the old asset register and has turned it into a leading-edge, world-first asset management platform.

Why is asset management so important?

The shift from physical to digital, and manual to automated has also shown that we really enjoy having information, options, and power at our fingertips.

While digital has crept into many parts of day-to-day life, there are industries that have lagged behind, like the insurance industry and the complicated claims process. This is where an asset registry really has major benefits. Innovation to asset management online hasn’t taken off until now because of its lack of security, trust, and complexity to use.

The Day by Day asset register app has fundamentally changed this by introducing blockchain technology to asset management. Our app is backed by incredible technology, that we’ve carefully designed to make asset management and tracking easier, faster, safer and completely trustworthy. Your assets are registered in the app, stored through blockchain and secured with complex cryptography – giving you complete visibility and oversight of every asset, using the most secure technology in the world.

The benefits of an online asset registry app

While blockchains are great for protecting and verifying asset registry, they can seem a bit daunting for the average user. The Day By Day asset management platform has been designed to be smart, but simple to use. The app lets you easily upload receipts, warranty info, and other documents into a single database, from your phone – wherever you are, whenever you need.

An Asset tracking app also adds real value for businesses. Keeping track of equipment, tools, hardware, vehicles, and even property is a big part of running a business across many industries. It’s vital to have an asset register you can trust, so that information is accurately tracked for compliance, tax, insurance and accounting reasons. Using an asset management platform like the Day By Day app means you’ll have all the information you need about your assets, available, secure and accessible.

For individuals, the major benefit of an easy-to-use asset registry app is that it takes the stress – time, back and forth, paperwork, forms – out of insurance claims. Through Day by Day’s asset management platform, the blockchain technology cements your proof of ownership. This proof speeds up the claim processes and makes sure your claim is resolved sooner.

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