Why a digital asset management platform is your must have business tool

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen huge shifts in how we work, do business and how we buy goods and services. We’re transacting through our phones and are online, all the time. Receipts, invoices and proof of ownership of our assets are now often a blend of physical and digital, so keeping track of equipment, vehicles or tools, has become more complex – which is why an online digital asset management tool is a must have for savvy business owners.

Web-based digital asset management is an effective solution for all types of businesses, as it gives you 24/7 access to the records of everything you own. Digital asset management platforms are particularly useful when dealing with insurance claims, and businesses have started to rapidly adopt digital asset management software to streamline the time-consuming – and often stressful – insurance process.

What is digital asset management?

Using digital asset management software helps you control and organise assets for insurance claims, providing you with a secure centralised location for storing asset records.

Digital asset management platforms offer a great way to prove ownership of your valuable items, which can fast-track the insurance claims process if the worst happens–a loss, theft or damage to something you own.

What are the benefits of using a digital asset management platform?

Once set up, digital asset management becomes as easy as uploading a new record. Day By Day offers an app based digital asset management solution, so you can record and track your assets from the palm of your hand. This web-based digital asset management tool works in real-time, giving you greater oversight of your business.

Knowing what you own and how long you’ve had it is critical information – for an insurance claim, having your assets recorded in a digital asset management platform means you can quickly and easily manage your claim, from your phone. When you’re dealing with insurance, the last thing you need is to be bogged down in paperwork or trying to prove asset ownership.

Using digital asset management software, like the Day By Day app, puts you ahead. Simply provide your Day By Day asset list to your insurer and be confident that every asset is included, covered and secured.

Is all digital asset management software the same?

While most web-based digital asset management platforms are good at recording assets, few offer the most important feature – safety and security of your information.
Day By Day is the leader in blockchain secured digital asset management solutions. The rigid security of blockchain technology adds a layer of trust that confirms your records as accurate, making it extremely difficult to access or tamper with any of the information recorded in the web-based digital asset management tool.

The Day By Day online digital asset management app is backed by leading-edge technology, offering you peace of mind and confidence that your assets and information are fully protected, securely stored and readily available, whenever you need from wherever you are.

Ready to get ahead with digital asset management? Download the Day By Day app now.