About Us

We are the game-changers of the insurance asset management landscape. Built on Blockchain technology, Day By Day is a transparent and digitally intuitive solution.

Insurance Reimagined

Day By Day is an innovative customer-focused asset registry management platform built on Blockchain technology. It helps individuals and businesses to easily catalogue and register their assets and valuables so that, when they need to make a claim, they are able to easily prove ownership in a quick and easy method speeding up the claims process while creating a better customer experience. Day By Day partners with insurance brokers, to help create a better value to their customer base while helping to improve the claims experience and reduce the risk of under insurance.

The Idea

Developed by Asta Solutions an IT business in Melbourne, after experiencing firsthand two separate claims that were caused by water damage that resulted in significant IT equipment damage which impacted their customer base due to business interruption. Asta’s CEO, Bill Angelidis thought that there must be a better and smarter way to keep assets recorded, so that businesses and individuals can easily prove ownership and make their claims process easier and quicker. This would result in less impact at a time of need.

Day By Day Launch

Our Team

Our mission is to be one step ahead in providing solutions that benefit all of the Insurance community. As you work with us in the future, we’re confident that you’ll find this to be true.

Stephen Conroy


Bill Angelidis


Anna Bezhenar


Scott Wilford

Chief Sales Director and Industry Insurance advisor

Daniel Montoya


Scott Wilson

Commercial and Strategy advisor

Renee Chung

Product and Communications Manager

Andrew Bidese

Marketing Director

Our business is growing really rapidly, we are currently in the process of finalising key appointments.

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If  you’ve ever needed to prove ownership or provide evidence of an asset or valuable in order to settle an insurance claim then the Day By Day app is for you.

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